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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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>> and at the 1147th street request for continuance authorization is the only item under your calendar and i do have one speaker card. >> okay calling for public comment rudy. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the executive director of a non-profit running a after school program on 7th street. when i was informed about this
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disappearing because they were indirectly across the street i attended a meeting called by at&t. i voiced my certain there were supposed to be four of them >> so what i like to take this item off the consent calendar. >> yeah. until there is a complete satisfaction. >> we'll take this off the consent and hear it as first on the consent calendar. >> commissioners that places us under the draft minutes for may 23rd and draft minutes for regular hearing and any public
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comments on the draft minutes? public comment is closed. there a motion >> on the motion to approve the draft minutes special joint hearing and regular hearing (calling names) so
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model for real estate because it allows the folks in the local community to be investors. i know that there are some people looking at itlogically locally and in washington, d.c.
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there's some that raises $650,000 for a small marketing. i think that's an interesting idea to explore here in san francisco >> this week i read that the mayor's office of housing is trying to acquire has to its recipients for family housing. we have a lot of people in the city who are resident of having the priority to have the housing before someone coming into the area. it's a way to season the residents who are in need. i'm supportive of this policy. as another issue we were talking about how formula retail, you
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know, supports the monies come back in the community and they're not taken to other places. i happen to be at a sponsor the owner paraded was there. it's a bookstore i'm supportive of this extinct bookstore. the woman ahead of me asked if he'd seen the great goddaughters that i and he said i've spent no time in the city other than running my store. even independents there's no assurance that the folks are going to be patronizing other businesses i'd be interested in seeing this that locally
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independently owned businesses like fewer inlet's spend less money in the community than those with fewer outlets >> i got a e-mail from the e i a saying their sponsoring a competition and i want to know if it involves the planning department regarding the use and circulation will you be watching this? >> yes my understanding is that that's an idea competition to
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generate some thoughts and we're giving them the background information we have. so in extent that's a background resource >> commissioners if there's nothing you further item 6 directors announcements. the only announcement i want to make is that we are having a workshop on the central corridor draft plan on wednesday the 12th on pulling son street.
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i'd like to decide 3 of the ordinances p that would be a committee that is staffed from the mta and the department of public works the puc the office of workforce of economical development and the fire departme department. this would establish a policy.
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the second ordinance would create a public permit this would have the director administer and have the projects built in the third corridor right-of-way. this could be used for our in kind position of our impact fees and by a pass the encroachment permit. and we have an amendment that would allow what's called unobstructed curb election in this 20 feet clear up space. so at the hearing on monday the planning staff gave an overview of the plan and the controllers study of that plan.
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the controllers office study made some recommendations on the delivery of street improvements. the controllers office staff recommended a new design committee which is before our land use committee. the supervisor kim suggested adding another departments has necessary. and she felt this would benefit from the county transportation authority. supervisor wiener accepted the modification into the ordinance and there was the fire department folks who discussed their needs and a person from the safety department talked about the amendment of the fire
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code. at the end all the fire codes were passed and sent to the full board of supervisors. on wednesday there were the preapplication ordinance that you heard sponsored by supervisor cowen it was approved on first reading by the board. also approved by the board on first reading was the project on 11th street. you heard this item on april 25th and it would allow the education without the need of a hearing and a few other things. and on passed on finalrd was the district sponsored by the supervisor wiener. there were a couple of new
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introductions the first was the amendment to the planning code to change it when the krorlz are rid to issue various reports i don't know what those reports are but it will be before you. the second ordinance would amend the tax code and it would involve the landscapes and in the public realm including sidewalks parks etc., to authorize the purchase of real prompt where the property will be in the public realm area and the district would provided those improvements and maintenance. it's sponsored by supervisor cowen it's not a planning code ordinance. that concludes my report and unless there's any questions
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>> commissioner. >> thanks for your report. is any of the discussion on the board of supervisors talk about the signaling for traffic safety? >> not that i'm aware of. it was functions on a large coordination of large agencies and bigger improvements then just the signals >> whose leading this? >> supervisor wiener. >> yes he's interested in that topic. thank you >> thank you. >> he the board of appeals met last time and there was the appeal of 49 banks last month the board of appeals heard that and the hearing request was
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filed it was regretted. and the penalty on dlolz street that the commercial use include selling juice and having yoga classes there. the board unanimously especially upheld that it was originally scheduled for april 10th but they came to the hearing and they still didn't submit any briefing material and sideboard found they don't have enough time to grant the request but they have the appeal. >> good afternoon tim
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department staff here to share with you the results of yesterday's historic commission. they approved two certifies of restoration the dog patch land district was included. the commission addressed a few conditions of approval to the restoration of the residential property within the osmosis districts there would be more construction needed. the commission also approved a major permits for the work along the san francisco mark this is to as you know this is where twitter has it's office and to have the ground floor for
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tenants. the commission also approved a new lobby entrance on 71 market street. i bring this up because there was a glaefl opposition. the opposeers were concerned about traffic and congestion along stevenson and the analysis under sequa. staff did communicate to the commission that the sequa analysis was complete and appropriate for this project and based on this information the h p unanimously approved the construction of that new lobby on the stevenson alley market street. each puc also approved the
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renovation project. the upstairs is going to be redone. and commission approved that project with conditions as outlined by staff. and then 15 staff gave an update of the ship rights cottage it's been in the paper recently as a property that the city is interested in acquiring. it's a much larger project. the good news is the counter property owner has obtained a permit and is putting a new roof on the building. the planning department and recreation and parks is continuing to stay in touch with each other. we'll keep you update on the
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plans for that location once their developed. that concludes my comments. >> questions? >> commissioners. >> it will place you on the text item for 336 castro street. this is an phenomenal presentation >> i'm rick crawford. on august 2nd of 2012 the planning commission approved a project to demolish a gas station. and within the upper market and the 6th district. the combination or commission directed the vice president to
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work on the details. the sponsor has been working with local neighborhood groups and department and other interested folks since august and it here to 0 present the final design. project sponsor >> benjamin, benjamin architects. we've been working with the neighborhood groups actually, the neighborhood groups worked together to consolidate and form one last year group, if you will, to look at the project. and over the last year we've revised the elevations.
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most of the work was working on say elevations. i believe the only change on the tier is on the ground floor the space that the sponsor is giving to the community for the community to use as they wish councilmember on the castro side of the elevation. there's a store front entrance. but the big changes are the exterior materials when we presented it previously we sort of had a space holderer of concrete panels and after much discussion with the planning group people we decided to go with the terry cot tile. and the color range which is
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depicted here is burgundy red. we've decided to consolidate the colors and have less randomness >> a lot of other adjust and refinements took place. the corner glass was refined and the top where there's a wind-screen for the roof-deck we were concerned about the way it was meeting the more solid areas. on the castro side we - revised the residential entry piece and
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look at the aluminum glazing the bottle i didn't rails become glass instead of metal. and that's the major changes that we've gone through sins we've presented this project originally. okay. we'll open it up for public comment >> i have one speaker card. david >> president fong i'm new to this. i live at 24 market to the west of the new construction. i understand the structure was approved last year and this is a
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matter of refinancing the details. i would like to communicate because of the increased scale of the building adjacent - in relation to the adjacent building it will be twice the size of ourselves. i will talk about the negative impact on the daylight in our building. we have 12 units. the way the current architect is set up it has all the total daylight in our building alone. i understand that many people miss the opportunity to speak out on this and i'm glad people express certain about the design of the facade. what i have not seen or heard is
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the discussion of the north and western facade. many of the dozens of folks in those units with going to look out their window and face the wall that they're currently having. i'm not hearing the discussion about the other folks on the two sides of the building and what we're going to have to look at. i'm not seeing a rendering in any point over the last 9 most that show us the sides of the building. can we give as much consideration to the east and northern facades as the other
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two >> one other speaker. >> i'm speaking in regards to the exterior design. i'm chair of the planning committee of the neighborhood association. and the chair of the community team that worked with the mitch. as you know the community was pretty unhappy with it for a long time but we've had a congenial meeting and it resulted as you saw today and incorporated many of the suggestions we made. the members of the team represented capping and others.
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and the d n a took the lead. we saw the most recent rendering and we have a few comments.
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>> to the spectacular who spoke about the north side maybe i can have the architect answer a questioning. i'm looking at castro street and maybe the north and west maybe windowless because, you know, because of the property line windows i would think. it looks like we're going to have a continuance of the whatever the tile ends up being will be replicated
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>> we actually do have in our package the property line elevations. there are windows shown on the property lines and there's actually, the existing vegetation that's shown on the steps in one of the property line which is facing a small walkway. we did discuss quite a bit bit more than not discussing it at all the property line walls and the rear elevation with the neighborhood groups. the variety discussions including putting a live wall and i explained how difficult that would be. the major concerns besides the
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street frontage is how the roof would look from the neighbors up the hill. we studied that also and looked at it where the roof desk was places and again drawings about brown but we've looked this project from the sides and the erase. all areas were tackled at the meetings >> i'm sure they have been i ask that you read to the speaker or anybody who wants to see that. >> their welcome to contact me. >> thank you. >> any additional comments? >> commissioners that will place you under general comment not to exceed 15 minutes.